Policy Mic: Citizens United Will Release a New Film: The Hope and The Change Documents the Failings of Obama - 09/18/2012

Citizens United the conservative non-profit organization best known for the U.S. Supreme Court case on campaign finance Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission is preparing to release a feature documentary on Obama.

The Hope and the Change is an hour-long program that is scheduled to air on at least a dozen TV stations starting on Sept 21 and running through to Election Day. Politico reported the movie will run in its 60-minute entirety in an agreement with six cable networks like HDNet Movies and FamilyNet, along with local stations in Louisiana, Colorado, Indiana, Hawaii and Louisiana. The film is expected to reach 130 million homes. The film was first shown at the Republican National Convention in Tampa last month and will feature interviews with individuals who voted for Obama in 2008, and who are now disappointed with his performance. A trailer, complete with the gloomy soundtrack is posted on the Citizen website and you can pre-order the DVD.

The Hope and the Change represents the latest in what maybe a developing trend in political campaigning — the high quality, feature length political campaign ad vert. Citizens may have started this trend with Hillary: The Movie, a documentary that was critical of then presidential candidate Hillary Clinton and was at the center of the now infamous SCOTUS decision.

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