FOX No debate -- President Obama offers no hope for the future - 10/22/2012

Over the last two weeks Americans have witnessed three dramatic debates: two presidential and one vice presidential. With one more presidential debate to go, a clear picture has already emerged about President Obama and Vice President Biden. Simply stated they have no agenda and no path to lead America forward in the next four years – and people are starting to notice. In our film “The Hope and The Change,” which is available now on Hulu, the viewer gets a glimpse into the minds of the kinds of voters who will actually decide this election. Featuring 40  Democrats and independents, “The Hope and The Change” delves into the daily lives of the people who voted for President Obama in 2008 and now have had a change of heart. These Democrats and independents were promised the world by President Obama in 2008 and now they are disenchanted by the lackluster results. Although the mainstream media wants the American people to believe that President Obama had a good night last Tuesday, the focus groups conducted after the debate tell a different tale.

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