Citizens United Productions Launches $120,000 ad Campaign Promoting “The Hope and The Change” In New Hampshire and Wisconsin - 10/30/2012

Washington, DC – Citizens United Productions launched a $120,000 television ad campaign in support of its highly acclaimed documentary “The Hope and The Change” in New Hampshire and Wisconsin starting today and running through November 2nd on CNN and MSNBC.

Title: “The Hope and The Change” TV (:30)

Spoken by “The Hope and The Change” cast members:

I voted for Obama.
My entire life, I’ve voted Democrat.
I’m a registered Independent.
I needed some kind of hope.
We voted for Barack Obama.
People were desperate.
I don’t think that I got what I was expecting.
What was he doing in office for the last three years?
I wanna see him behind the desk.
He didn’t make good on any of his promises.
The party’s over, the smoke has cleared.
Can we go through another four years of this?

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© 2012 Citizens United Productions No. 3, LLC
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